Establishment of New Company


Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd. today announced that its Board of Directors passed a resolution at its meeting on March 19, 2009, on the establishment of a new company.

As we move forward into new businesses other than in the field of mini-labs (photo processing equipments), which is currently our main product, we have decided to establish a new company called NK Relations Inc. in order to develop business areas into which we can expand through research and analysis of new business fields utilizing talented recruits, extensive information networks, and the various external sources in the Tokyo metropolitan area where the world’s information and talent is concentrated.

The new company will perform research and analysis on our expansion into new businesses as well as draw up new business plans. If it is decided that it is better to have the subsidiary make a direct investment in the new business, such an investment will be made.

      (1)     Company name
          NK Relations Inc.
      (2)     Address
          Tokyo (Details undecided)
      (3)     Capital
          300 million yen
      (4)     Investor
          Noritsu Koki Co. Ltd. 100%
      (5)     Representative
          Hirotsugu Nishimoto, President
      (6)     Dates
          March 19, 2009, decision by Board of Directors
          April 2009; scheduled date of foundation
      (7)     Outlook
          Impact on earnings is expected to be minor.