A breakthrough agriculture and food revolution

As the world becomes more health-conscious, more attention is being focused on food. Everyone wants safe, healthy and delicious food. Food is also a major social issue, with concerns over the decline in Japan's food self-sufficiency rate and chronic food shortages overseas. Knowing that, our company has begun to cultivate safe and trustworthy vegetables. We regard the development of food-related businesses and the improvement of the world food situation as one of our major missions.



Agriculture that focuses on the contents of food rather than the appearance: the future of "food"

Taking the provision of tasty, nourishing food as our core business, we are involved in the cultivation and distribution of delicious, highly nutritious, safe and trustworthy vegetables, a venture which should also help resolve food-related problems. Instead of being bound by conventional frameworks, we are involved in new product-focused ventures such as linking up with producers all over Japan to build a structure where seasonal foods are available all year round. We are also proactively introducing new technology such as cloud services and IoT.