Updating the quality of life

By providing media and services the world needs such as the top lifestyle magazine in its category, a well-established mail-order service with an almost 50-year history and the first health age-linked medical insurance in Japan, we are pursuing true fulfillment in everyday life. We aim to create a society where men and women in all generations can live life freely, healthily and happily.



Helping women 50 and older to live better lives

Halmek is a monthly subscription magazine that gives women in their 50s and older information that enriches their lives and lifestyles as they face various turning points. Furthermore, a variety of businesses that support the lives of senior women have branched out from the magazine business, such as the Halmek Health and Living and Halmek Fashion mail-order catalogs, the physical Halmek store as well as trips and seminars.


Understanding women in their 70s better than anyone else and helping them enjoy their lives every day

By understanding women in their 70s better than anyone and providing them with products and services they need, we help them live their everyday lives with a smile. Based on this business philosophy, we have developed a comprehensive mail-order business that deals in clothing, general goods, foods, beauty products, health foods and other products. We offer approximately 9,400 different products to clients all across Japan.

Health Age SAST Insurance

New winds in a new insurance business

In sharp contrast to conventional health insurance where premiums are calculated based on real age and gender, we offer medical insurance linked to the client's "health age." It is a new insurance strategy that provides a financial incentive for healthy living by lowering premiums if the client's health situation improves after joining the scheme, based on the "health age" developed by Japan Medical Data Center. Through the "health age," we aim to help promote health by encouraging people to rethink their lifestyles.

Nihon Kyosai

Providing easily understandable home contents insurance for renters

Home contents insurance is essential when renting accommodation as it covers the tenant's household goods, the costs of repairing the accommodation, any liability payments paid as compensation to the landlord and more. During the planning stage, we brought out the advantages of the high degree of freedom offered by small-amount short-term insurance to create insurance products and services that satisfy client needs on a detailed level. We provide insurance to people all over Japan that gives them peace of mind.