1951 Founder Kanichi Nishimoto invented an automatic print washer. Taking a hint from the principle of a water mill, he built the foundation of Noritsu Koki with a washer that could be used even in a power outage.
1956 Established Noritsu Koki MFG LLC with headquarters in Wakayama City.
1961 Reorganized as Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd.
Developed the RF-20E monochrome film processor as a revolutionary automatic developing machine. Successfully automated the film processing process for the first time in the world.
1964 Developed the RF-CK color film processor. Became a worldwide hit by greatly advancing automation of film processing.
1966 Exhibited the CS-300 at the 1st Lab Equipment Show.
1969 Developed the Nodo enlarger with overseas technology from Nodo. Was highly acclaimed for performance and functionality not seen in Japanese products, which greatly stimulated Noritsu Koki's engineering teams.
1972 Exhibited the RPE-400 and other products at the Photokina Show.
1975 Developed the RPV2 Series of color paper processor. Adopted the first replaceable unit structure in Japan, which resulted in increased processing capacity.
Exhibited the F-830 and other products at the PMA Show for the first time.
1976 Developed the QSS-1. This is the origin of the QSS minilab and propelled Noritsu Koki onto the world stage.
1978 Established Noritsu America Corporation.
1979 Developed the QSS-2 with a built-in computer that enabled processing from film development to color printing in 45 min. Met with tremendous success in the USA as the choice in automated processing systems.
1980 Established Noritsu UK Ltd.
1981 Established Noritsu Deutschland GmbH.
1982 Developed the QSS-6 Series with enlargement support. Was first minilab in the world to incorporate an enlarger capable of 10" x 12" prints and firmly established Noritsu Koki as a world class technology company.
1984 Established Noritsu Far East Limited.
1985 Relocated headquarters plant to Umehara, Wakayama City.
Established Noritsu do Brasil Ltda.
Established Noritsu Singapore Pte. Ltd.
1986 Established Noritsu China Ltd.
1987 Established Noritsu Canada Ltd. as a subsidiary of Noritsu America.
1988 Established the Nishimoto Academy.
Developed the QSS-12 with the world's first built-in zoom lens and automatic negative mask with DX code reading support.
1989 Established Noritsu France S.A.R.L.
Established Noritsu Koki Australia Pty. Ltd.
Established Noritsu Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Developed the QSS-14 super-compact minilab with the smallest footprint in the world at just an approx. 1.1 m2.
1990 Developed the QSS-15 minilab with panoramic photo support.
Opened branch office in Seoul, Korea.
Established Noritsu Tec Co., Ltd.
1991 Established Noritsu Czech Spol.s.r.o. as a subsidiary of Noritsu Deutschland.
Developed the QSS-MICRO as the greatest compilation of downsizing technologies and capable of all processing from film developing to printing.
1992 Established Noritsu Poland Sp.z.o.o. as a subsidiary of Noritsu Deutschland.
Opened representative office in Latin America (Brazil).
Opened representative office in Beijing, China.
1993 Established Noritsu do Amazonia (Brazil) as a subsidiary of Noritsu do Brasil.
Acquired ISO9002 accreditation for quality management and assurance.
1994 Established Noritsu Italia S.R.L.
1995 Opened representative office in Moscow, Russia.
1996 Established Noritsu Philippines Inc.
Developed the QSS-23 for advanced film systems and digital imaging.
Listed on second section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1997 Completed the EMC Center.
Established Noritsu R Ltd. (Russia) as a subsidiary of Noritsu Deutschland.
Established Noritsu Mexico S.A.De C.V as a subsidiary of Noritsu America.
Opened Near East branch office in the United Arab Emirates.
Moved from the second to the first section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Listed on second tier of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1998 Established Noritsu Shanghai.
Opened representative office in Wuhan China.
Developed the QSS-25 MICRO Plus as the world's first fully automated APS/135 minilab.
Developed the QSS-2701 Digital as a next generation system and new direction in minilab development.
1999 Established Noritsu Koki Malaysia SDN. BHD as a subsidiary of Noritsu Singapore.
Acquired ISO14001 accreditation.
2000 Opened branch office in India.
2001 Established a plant in Shanghai, China to strengthen competitiveness in the Chinese market.
Launched the Digital Photo Egg (DPEgg) online print site for retailers. (Japan only)
Established the Noritsu European Distribution Center in the Netherlands to consolidate logistics operations for existing subsidiaries in Europe.
Developed the QSS-2901 Digital fully digital minilab with corrective functions in a compact body.
2002 Developed the dDP-411 dry minilab system in cooperation with Seiko Epson.
Concluded joint development and worldwide supply agreements with Eastman Kodak.
Developed the MYTIS-1 wide-format inkjet printing system for direct print media and dispersion dye ink in cooperation with Kiwa Chemical Industry.
2003 Acquired ISO9001:2000 accreditation in quality management systems.
Opened a call center.
Establish Noritsu Hellas Ltd. in Athens, Greece to strengthen the sales and service systems in Greece.
2004 Developed the QSS-32 Series of highly expandable, fully digital minilabs.
Launched the NORITSU.INFO information website for the Japanese market.
Won the Photokina Star Award for the MYTIS-1 high quality, weather resistant large format printing system.
2005 Founder Kanichi Nishimoto passed away.
2006 Launched the fotofoo online print website in Japan to expand the online business and stimulate demand.
Announced cooperation in the photofinishing field with Fujifilm.
2007 Established N&F Techno Service Co., Ltd. as a domestic maintenance venture by integrating the maintenance departments of FIC Techno Service and Noritsu Koki.
Signed a letter of intent with Japan Post to outsource some distribution operations to Japan Post Service.
2008 Developed the D701 compact inkjet minilab, a "dry" system that operates without photo processing chemicals.
Developed the QSS-37HD Series with an ultra high-definition laser engine of 640 dpi.
2009 Established NK RELATIONS Co., Ltd. to research, analyze and pioneer potential new business domains.
Developed the D502 compact sheet paper printer, which is the first automatic duplex inkjet minilab in the industry.
Concluded an agreement to purchase 25.1% of the stock of CMS (GB) Ltd. and completed capital investments to enhance efficiency of aftercare services and diversify the support business.
Purchased Lucidicom Inc. through Noritsu America.
Established NK Agri Co., Ltd. and thereby entered the "food" business.
2010 Purchased Doctor Net Inc. remote diagnosis service and thereby entered the "medical care" business.
Launched sales of LED lighting to businesses and thereby entered the "environment" business.
Developed the D1005HR, a multi-functional, high-resolution inkjet minilab that can produce both single-sided prints and double-sided prints.
2011 Established NK Works Co., Ltd. in a company split
Transitioned to holding company structure.