Following the business restructuring in the previous Medium-Term Management Plan FY21, the Noritsu Koki Group is now in the phase of establishing a management framework based on our new business portfolio. This will ensure the achievement of not only the Group’s medium-to-long-term goal but also sustainable growth.

As part of establishing the framework, we have defined four material issues that our Group will be working on in aim of addressing various social issues through our sustainability management in 2021. The material issues are strongly linked to our Mission (Prosperity for society and people), Vision (A corporate group that continues producing ‘No.1/Only 1’ businesses), business models, and based on the perspectives of our stakeholders as well. We have also set and disclosed our “Materiality Action Plan” and the goals, and are promoting efforts to resolve environmental, social, and governance issues based on the material issues.

And now, I am pleased to announce the publication of the Integrated Report 2023, as a communication tool for explaining our Group vision and how we plan to realize it. In putting together the report, we did our best to incorporate input from management about topics such as medium- to long-term strategies, the strengths and conditions of each business, the value creation process, our governance system and sustainability promotion.

The Group will remain committed to building good relationships with our stakeholders including shareholders and investors, while striving to create value for our customers and society that ensures our sustainable growth by investing resources in the four material issues.

Representative Director and CEO
Sign: R. Iwakiri