Further advancement in the field
of healthcare

From the field of preventive medicine that will let people live into their hundreds to the ones of diagnosis and medical treatment, and system development to support people in the field.
The Healthcare business is committed to improving the quality of medical care in a variety of fields.



Constructing a Sustainable Healthcare System with the power of data and ICT, support a healthy and prosperous life for all people.

Japan Medical Data Center

Lighting up the future with one of the largest national medical databases accessible to private persons

We offer the JMDC Claims Database, one of the largest medical databases in Japan that can be accessed by private persons, to pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment makers, research institutions, insurers and others. We have introduced it to over 50 drug manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers. It also provides useful solutions for new medical technologies and drug development and supports life insurance companies in their insurance businesses.


Improving the quality of life through preventive medical services and cutting-edge medical research, aim to create a society where more people can continue to live a healthy and productive part.


Bringing cutting-edge medical technology to life as quickly as possible and promoting preventive medicine that starts with risk assessment.

The LOX-index® risk assessment for strokes and heart attacks, risk assessments for various types of cancer, dementia, DNA testing, and more. We provide state-of-the-art preventive medicine services based around the risk assessment of serious diseases. Our goal is to spread preventive medicine throughout the world and solve the structural problems faced by modern medicine such as an increase in medical expenses and an increased burden of care brought about by the difference in the length of healthy years versus actual life expectancy.