Further advancement in the field of healthcare

Today we live in the age of the 100-year life. As our lifestyles are becoming varied, they lead to more issues in the medical industry. Our goal in medicine is the development and popularization of new technologies at all the phases of diagnosis, prevention and treatment. We are exploring a variety of options in the field, from businesses aimed at increasing healthy life expectancy to behind-the-scenes support solutions. These include encouraging the building of healthy bodies, the pursuit of medical technologies that can predict and prevent potential diseases, and the use of big data and telediagnosis.


Japan Medical Data Center

Lighting up the future with one of the largest national medical databases accessible to private persons

We offer the JMDC Claims Database, one of the largest medical databases in Japan that can be accessed by private persons, to pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment makers, research institutions, insurers and others. We have introduced it to over 50 drug manufacturers and medical equipment manufacturers. It also provides useful solutions for new medical technologies and drug development and supports life insurance companies in their insurance businesses.


High-quality image diagnosis any time and anywhere

A leading company that offers a remote image diagnosis service that connects people, society and medical care through technology. By providing a high-quality image diagnosis service that increases the number of images medical specialists can analyze, we hope to become a company that helps to make as many people as possible healthy. We will continue to clear the path for the future of medicine with that thought in mind.

UNIKE Software Research

Providing a next-generation pharmacy through ITC using the concept of a Smart Pharmacy®

By sharing information between health screening institutions, medical care institutions and caregiving facilities using a secure network, we are trying to create a community-based pharmacy that is as close as possible to the local population. To realize that, we have established a Smart Pharmacy® based on the service development concept, aimed at providing a package system that can be used to manage insurance pharmacies without stress.

NK Medico

Bringing cutting-edge medical technology to life as quickly as possible and promoting preventive medicine that starts with risk assessment.

The LOX-index® risk assessment for strokes and heart attacks, risk assessments for various types of cancer, dementia, DNA testing, and more. We provide state-of-the-art preventive medicine services based around the risk assessment of serious diseases. Our goal is to spread preventive medicine throughout the world and solve the structural problems faced by modern medicine such as an increase in medical expenses and an increased burden of care brought about by the difference in the length of healthy years versus actual life expectancy.


Helping expectant mothers learn what they want to know with the most reliable new kind of prenatal diagnosis

By providing a new type of prenatal diagnosis (non-invasive prenatal testing, or NIPT) which is highly precise but low-risk because it uses maternal blood, we allow mothers to look forward to delivery with peace of mind. The GeneTech NIPT, a highly accurate and trustworthy test, is provided at Japanese labs which conform to strict international standards. The test holds the record for the highest number of times performed and the greatest number of facilities that perform it in the country.


Creating a distribution revolution in dentistry with innovative dental equipment and services

We run Feed Dental, a mail-order business focused on the dental industry that has always offered innovative products and services from the client's perspective. We also have Feed Medical Care, a mail-order business for the medical and nursing care industries. By supporting their day-to-day distribution operation in a speedy and precise manner, we assist in the supply of high-quality medical services.


Strengthening management capabilities at medical treatment and caregiving facilities through business consulting and support

We have a lot of positive achievements as a professional group providing hands-on consulting for medical care and nursing care business providers to help improve and reform their management. We also provide financing (factoring) through the fluidization of medical care, nursing care and dispensing fee receivables toward medical institutions, nursing care providers, dispensing pharmacies and dental clinics nationwide.