1. Legal Compliance
We comply with all laws, regulations and internal rules and conduct ourselves with good judgement and integrity.
2. Social Contribution
We work actively to contribute to society and solve social issues, recognizing our role as a member of society.
3. Working Environment
We respect the rights of all individuals and strive to maintain a pleasant and sound working environment.
4. Information Management
We appropriately manage personal, confidential and other information, recognizing the importance of information.
5. Ethical Behavior
We reject all contact with antisocial forces and conduct business activities in a sound and appropriate manner.
6. Delivering Safe and High-Quality Products and Services
We always aim to deliver safe products and services of high quality as well as to provide accurate information on them.
Established November 2004
1st Revision March 2018
2nd Revision March 2024
Compliance Committee, Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd.