Part 1: General Provisions
Every executive and employee of the Noritsu Koki Group is required to conduct business activities in all countries and regions in compliance with the Code of Conduct, which is based on the Basic Compliance Policy.
Part 2: Code of Conduct
1. Legal Compliance
[ 1 ] Compliance with all Laws, Regulations and Internal Rules
The Noritsu Koki Group’s basic policy is to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in countries and regions in which it operates (including but not limited to the Act on Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade of Japan and Unfair Competition Prevention Act of Japan) and to conduct business activities in an honest and ethical manner. It is the responsibility of all Noritsu Koki Group executives and employees to verify and understand the requirements of all laws, regulations, and internal rules related to their duties.
2. Social Contribution
[ 1 ] Solving Social Issues
The Noritsu Koki Group is obligated to contribute to the sustainable development of society as a good corporate citizen. Through its social contribution activities, the Group works actively to solve issues our society faces.
[ 2 ] Environmental Protection
It is our responsibility to pass on our irreplaceable planet to future generations in a healthy condition. In addition to conducting business activities in an environmentally responsible manner, the Noritsu Koki Group takes into account environmental impact as a key factor when considering new projects and businesses.
3. Working Environment
[ 1 ] Respect for Human Rights
The Noritsu Koki Group respects the rights of all individuals, utilizes human resources in a fair and appropriate manner, and strives to maintain a vibrant, pleasant, and sound working environment.
[ 2 ] Work-Life Balance
To ensure employees lead healthy and stable lives, the Noritsu Koki Group works to address long working hours and strives to create a secure and supportive employment environment where executives and employees cooperate with each other, recognizing that employees experience different life stages, such as raising children, caring for elderly relatives, and periods of illness.
[ 3 ] Health and Safety Management
The mental and physical health of every employee is an important asset for the Noritsu Koki Group. The Group works strategically to manage the health of employees and secure safety at workplaces, considering these to be material management issues.
4. Information Management
[ 1 ] Protecting Privacy
Personal information entrusted by stakeholders is an important asset and the Noritsu Koki Group also recognizes that information is a valuable asset for creating new value. As such, the Group strictly manages information in compliance with applicable privacy laws, including without limitation the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.
[ 2 ] Insider Trading
To prevent insider trading, the Noritsu Koki Group strictly manages undisclosed material information related to the Group and its business partners and does not engage in the trading of Noritsu Koki Group shares or other securities while aware of undisclosed material information.
[ 3 ] Securing Information Security
The Noritsu Koki Group acknowledges the importance of protecting information assets properly and, when using information devices and other information systems, complies with security regulations to prevent any leakages or infringements of information.
5. Ethical Behavior
[ 1 ] Preventing Conflicts of Interest
The Noritsu Koki Group makes business decisions and conducts business activities in the best interests of the Group and not for the profit of individuals.
[ 2 ] Rejection of Antisocial Forces (organized crime)
The Noritsu Koki Group takes a firm stand against antisocial forces and similar groups and rejects all trading and other relationships with them.
[ 3 ] Preventing Corruption and Bribery
The Noritsu Koki Group will not be involved in, force, or support any type of corrupt practices or bribery, and will not receive or offer any excessive entertainment, gift, or benefit, etc., which is not compliant with laws and regulations or socially accepted standards from or to any government officials, contracting parties or any other person related to its business, either in or outside Japan.
[ 4 ] Preventing Anti-Competitive Act and Infringement of Trade Secrets
The Noritsu Koki Group does not conduct any anti-competitive act by unfair means under any circumstances and undertakes fair and free competition. Also, the Noritsu Koki Group does not conduct any acts that are prohibited under the Unfair Competition Act of Japan including, but not limited to, acquiring trade secrets by unfair means or using such trade secrets for the benefit of itself.
[ 5 ] Respecting Intellectual Properties
The Noritsu Koki Group respects intellectual properties of other entities, and conducts pre-analysis and takes appropriate measure so that it will not infringe patents, copyrights or trademarks, etc., of third parties. The Noritsu Koki Group will strive to create its own intellectual properties, ensure appropriate protection thereof, and make the utmost use of said intellectual properties.
6. Delivering Safe and High-Quality Products and Services
[ 1 ] Securing Safety and Quality
The Noritsu Koki Group always aims to deliver safe products and services that deliver customer satisfaction and will always continue to strive to this end.
[ 2 ] Appropriate Communication
The Noritsu Koki Group provides appropriate advertisements to our customers with accurate information on its products and services, and also provides appropriate information in compliance with any related laws and regulations.
Established November 2004
1st Revision March 2018
2nd Revision March 2024
Compliance Committee, Noritsu Koki Co., Ltd.